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Hear the silence, recharge your batteries and enjoy the idyllic countryside
As the north-western region of the state of Brandenburg, the Prignitz, one of the oldest cultural landscapes in the Mark, is halfway between Berlin and Hamburg.

The Prignitz is actually known for its excellent network of cycle paths, but exploring this unique and multi-faceted cultural landscape also has its appeal with a motorhome. For years, more and more mobile homes have been conquering the idyllic region. What once began with a few attractive parking spaces along the Elbe has blossomed into a network of parking spaces in the middle of historic city centers or tranquil nature. You have come to the right place if you want to enjoy nature and really slow down.

The region has retained much of its history to this day. Idyllic villages with their impressive sacred buildings and medieval towns with historic town centers cross your path. Quite a few old walls tell mystical stories - from the Havelberg bishops, the noble family of the noble gentlemen Gans zu Putlitz, robber barons, Elbe ships and boatmen, healer foresters, brave soldiers, the many storks, wild geese and hard-working beavers.

The Prignitz is one of the most stork-rich regions in Germany, and not without reason. Several unique natural landscapes such as the UNESCO Elbe-Brandenburg River Landscape Biosphere Reserve, the Kyritz chain of lakes, the Wittstocker “Schmugglerheide” or the Kyritz-Ruppiner Heide invite you to explore. You will be accompanied by the hum of the bees and the silently gliding sea eagles on a tour through the colorful sea of flowers of the Kyritz-Ruppiner Heide. In the evening an almost devout silence settles over the heather: when the call of the goat milkers gives way to the gentle flapping of the bat's wings, a unique starry sky unfolds, which leaves nothing to be desired, especially on the nights of the Perseids with hundreds of shooting stars. In contrast, the Prignitz Elbe landscape in the Elbe-Brandenburg River Landscape Biosphere Reserve is quite different. The Elbe Valley consists of a mosaic of different habitats, from wet to completely dry. In addition to the large river Elbe, which moves about 70 kilometers along the western edge of the Prignitz, this includes its numerous tributaries, alluvial forests, bracks, smoke water, floodplains, meadow grassland and moor.

Prignitz is one of the few regions in Germany that offers a unique, regional experience package with a complete landscape of parking spaces, equipped with 27 motorhome parking spaces.


Neustadt studs

Experience horses up close, learn everything about the culture and history of the main and state studs, explore Prussian architecture, discover the stud forest – the unique cultural and historical ensemble offers all of this.

Plattenburg moated castle

The oldest preserved moated castle in Northern Germany. The “Medieval Spectacle” takes place every year in June at the beginning of summer.

Freyenstein Archaeological Park

The park presents one of the best preserved urban desolations in Central Europe. Original finds, installations and audio guides bring the medieval city back to life.

Seddin royal tomb

Burial mounds from the Younger Bronze Age

“House of Rivers”

It is a NATURA 2,000 information center of the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve.

Pollo Museum Railway

The museum train runs with old original vehicles from the narrow-gauge network that existed in Prignitz until 1971.

Monastery Stift zum Heiligengrabe

Founded in 1287, the Stift monastery is the only almost completely preserved Cistercian monastery complex in Brandenburg. The park-like area invites you to explore, so steles in the park provide information about buildings and personalities.
fashion museum_meyenburg_prignitz_markus_tiemann

Meyenburg fashion museum

Fashion history from 1900 to 1980 awaits you on 1,000m² of exhibition space. Let yourself be enchanted by dance dresses from the 20s or the “flower power” fashion of the 70s.

Perleberg Zoo

Special attractions of the zoo are the extensive brown bear enclosure, the wolf enclosure, the walk-in bird aviary, the coati enclosure and the owl castle.

We are now not only bringing you closer to the overall Prignitz experience with individual themed routes, but also making it “tangible” and “experienceable”.


Prignitz wellness route

Whether it’s a relaxing massage, mud pack or bath – you can simply let yourself be pampered here.

Whether an easy walk through the plain or a longer tour – with little equipment you can be there immediately and discover rivers, lakes, idyllic towns, moors and much more. The hiking trails of the Prignitz lead to special places, to archaeological sensations, rivers or moorland.


The royal road

A mystical hiking trail in the footsteps of King Hinz | Start / finish: Wolfshagen Castle | Length: 8 km | 2.5 h

Nun’s path with a view

Kneipp facility, nature learning path, Blumenthal observation tower | Start / finish: Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe | Length: 17.3 km | 5 h

Lake tour around the Untersee

Pack your swimming trunks … Start / finish: Strandbad Kyritz | Length: 19 km | 6 h

Heath adventure trail

A bath in the purple sea of flowers | Start / finish: Pfalzheim | Length: 3 km | 1 h


On shoemaker’s pony through the Sanssouci of the horses | Start / finish: Landstallmeisterhaus Hauptgestüt | Length: 4.2 km | 1.5 h

Circular hiking trail Dranser See

A gem in the Wittstocker Land | Start / finish: Dranse village square | Length: 10.5 km | 2.5 h

In the Prignitz the motto is “cycling by numbers”. Around 130 numbered junctions guide cyclists easily and safely through the region on over 1,100 kilometers of routes.


Pilgrimage tour

Harmony between cyclists and pilgrims | Start / finish: Pritzwalk (KP 80) | Length: 39 km

Monastery tour

Concealed in view | Start / finish: Wittstock (KP 3) | Length: 48 km

Castle tour

On the trail of the mysterious | Start / finish: Wittstock (KP 3) | Length: 43 km

Fishing tour

Bathing in the clear lake | Start / finish: Wittstock (KP1) | Length: 41 km


History on rails | Start / finish: Pritzwalk | Length: 39 km (KP82)

Perleberg tour

Majestic on the Stepenitz | Start / finish: Perleberg (KP20) | Length: 42 km



Motorhome parking lot at the “Nedwiganger” marina


Motorhome parking space at the old oil mill
Old farm on the Elbe dike in Lenzerwische


Motorhome parking space at Alter Hof on the Elbe dike
Motorhome parking space at the Kristall-Therme in Bad Wilsnack

Bad Wilsnack

Motorhome and caravan parking spaces in Bad Wilsnack

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Currently no entries available for the region.
Currently no entries available for the region.

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