mein PLATZ, your competent marketing
& Marketing partner in camping tourism

We offer the exclusive marketing platform and community for motorhome parking spaces, campsites, tourism regions and associations, with a focus on mobile travel & camping tourism.

Over 10 years of market experience, competence, passion and innovative thinking have made my PLATZ an exclusive, authentic and successful marketing organization. The core areas of our sphere of activity include Germany and Europe with all attractive national and international holiday destinations. The pan-European marketing approach forms the basis of our successful activity, which can be determined by the above-average perception among end consumers and providers.
It is our aim to bring a selective, exclusive, high-quality and sophisticated selection of places and regions closer to our customers. Supplemented with selected route and tour suggestions, as well as emotional travel inspiration, our overall package represents a unique, attractive and target group-optimized offer. Along with other services, my PLATZ is a marketing instrument with a very wide range and target-relevant control. “Places to feel good” and “Quality with a Heart”, combined with outstanding service, become the guiding principle and philosophy of our community and marketing activities. All membership places and partners are presented in an innovative, competent and authentic way.
mein PLATZ stands for exclusivity, bundling of marketing activities, opening up new markets and creating effective sales advantages for all members.

Behind the success of our brand are people and employees with passion, heart and soul and commitment. They are the guarantee for quality and customer satisfaction.

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