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PRINT media:
Annual catalog

Comprehensive, authentic and competent annual pitch and camping catalog. / Total circulation 300,000 Copies in D / E

1.) Measure (all leading trade fairs in D, A, I, SI, CH, NL, SE, NO and FIN) / achieved reach and direct total contacts: 350,000. End customers
2.) Distribution to member places / Reach and contacts achieved: 450,000 End customers
3.) Dropship / Reach approx. 5,000 end customers
4.) Dealer events , Special events / reach approx. End customers

The mein PLATZ “Stellplatz- und Campingführer” in magazine form is a work without wastage and travels in the motorhome all year round. The copies are free of charge for the end customer. In addition to the annual catalog, a special edition (150,000 copies) with all the “new additions” from the first half of the year appears annually for the CSD.

The mein-PLATZ magalogue 2021

Route maps

(Circulation: 150,000 copies per country / region)

Mapping and implementation of our member places in route maps, created and optimized for countries, regions and holiday destinations. The route maps contain route suggestions, brief descriptions and serve as a route planner. Also included, brief descriptions of tourist highlights and hotspots. A unique, individual route map collection is created along the member places.

Travel guide and road book - inspiration books

(Circulation: 10 thousand copies)

We create our own route and travel guides with thematic areas, route suggestions and more along our membership slots. All content is geared towards motorhome tourism and optimized. Thus, the area of caravanning and camping is optimally covered and mapped. This collection series contains its own personalization or

Customization area that every motorhome owner can fill with their own experiences. This product is the perfect complement and rounding off our overall range and a valuable component of our customer service, customer loyalty and new customer service package. Our travel guides are available both digitally and in print.

Customization area that every motorhome owner can fill with their own experiences. This product is the perfect complement and rounding off our overall range and a valuable component of our customer service, customer loyalty and new customer service package. Our travel guides are available both digitally and in print.

Digital media

Professional and extensive internet presentation of our partner stations with numerous additional and service tools.
mein-platz.com currently reaches more than 2.9 million end customers annually with a strong upward trend.
The average time spent on the page is 4.56 minutes with a bounce rate of 1.2 %. This means that my PLACE takes a top position in the industry average.
mein PLATZ.com is online in over 16 languages by means of automated translation.

mein PLATZ offers its own service APP for end customers with targeted information and tools about our partner places and partners. This APP enables, user-optimized, from the location search to direct route finding and description, also all additional information about our partner locations and regions, as well as online / offline functions. The app has its own “instructions for use”. The APP with all functions is not only available in German, but also in English. Currently, 22,000 are already using. Customers our APP!
In the course of 2021, the APP will be relaunched and updated.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
We maintain direct contact with approx. 16 – 65 thousand each month via social media. Caravanners, motorhome enthusiasts and campers. In this way, we reach groups and target groups in our industry precisely and regularly provide them with news about our membership positions. The own group is currently followed by more than 6,000. End customers.

mein PLATZ sends out updates and news to around 12,000 monthly direct mail. End customers. All content is generated around our membership spaces and their activities.

my PLATZ club card
With the mein PLATZ club card, we have installed a customer loyalty and aftersale tool that enables targeted knowledge of travel and user behavior.
The club card is a service bonus system without granting a discount at the PLATZ! As a result, 5,000 per month End customers also supplied with news.

Online reservation and booking
End customers can communicate directly with our seats via our portal and are also directed directly to the respective booking systems or reservation platforms. Completely without additional costs!

Advertising Materials
Depending on the membership package, our members are also entitled to send their own advertising material for all leading trade fairs to be distributed on our stand.

Exhibition stand / participation
Every Premium Member can take part in leading German trade fairs, personally, at our booth, free of charge. We visit all of the leading German and European trade fairs. (16 trade fairs in D / A / I / CH / SE / FI / NO / NL /) In addition, 28 trade fairs in Germany and in neighboring countries.

Video / TV
We are happy to post your videos with us, or to create inexpensive promotional and image films.

Strategic cooperation
We cooperate with leading partners in the industry and thus ensure targeted, far-reaching promotions, profitable publications and synergy effects.

The Mein Platz travel world

Discover beautiful motorhome routes, tours and holiday regions all over Europe

We design the mein PLATZ travel world in close cooperation with our member places, tourism and marketing institutions as well as holiday, wellness, leisure and cultural institutions in all regions and countries. We present exclusive, recommended and inspirational motorhome & camping “route and tour suggestions”. Along these routes, however, tourist highlights, sights, sports and leisure as well as wellness, spa, culture, culinary and regional offers are presented. We thus offer a comprehensive, regional, topic-related presentation and marketing field within an attractive target group. With my PLATZ travel world and our marketing and sales activities, you can reach over 700,000 owners of motorhomes every year through our parking space and travel guides (circulation over 300,000 copies), the presence at tourism and caravanning fairs (e.g. CMT, REISE + CAMPING, CARAVAN SALON) as well as the visitors to our websites and social media platforms (over 3.5 million page views / year).

Trade fairs / events

mein PLATZ participates in more than 20 trade fairs in Germany and neighboring European countries every year. In addition to Germany, we present my PLATZ and its membership places in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

We also visit over 20 trade fairs in Germany and abroad.

In cooperation with industry partners, we organize additive, independent on-site events, road shows and small trade fairs.


mein PLATZ offers you the best access or entry into an attractive, successful growth market with potential. They too score points in a promising environment with quality, service and passion. With all our marketing measures, we currently and verifiably reach more than 5.5 million end customers per year, across Europe. This has made my PLATZ a successful and much noticed niche product. You too can benefit from the advantages of membership with us, without hidden costs, but with committed, competent, promising creativity and a proverbial commitment out of passion.

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