ThE FACEs of mein PLATZ

Our team is a large camping family.

Committed, enthusiastic, motivated and authentic, every mein PLATZ employee is 100% – or better said with body and soul at work. And this is exactly the basis for bringing you the best service, competent information and high-quality pitches and campsites in an appealing way. The whole thing, enriched with passion and numerous additional offers. Your demands are our incentive.

Roman Bauer

Roman Bauer


The passionate motorhome enthusiast founded my PLATZ 10 years ago and developed it into a highly regarded community complete with online portal. The graduate business economist and journalist acts as strategist, thinker, and driver in all commercial and marketing processes at mein PLATZ. Quality, passion, dedication and tenacious character, characterize his work. Straightforward, determined and honest, he relies on constructive, committed and success-oriented teamwork.




The apple does not fall far from the tree! Dominik, himself an enthusiastic camping fan, supports the senior boss, Roman Bauer in all important business areas with immediate effect. Son and father now form a team that successfully combines young, strategic thinking with experience and the tried and tested. The cross-generational work community is also in view of our young team the perfect solution to lead my PLATZ successfully and purposefully into the future.

Franziska Schreyer



Our young, dynamic tourism specialist brings a breath of fresh air to our digital offers and promotions. Franziska is characterized by structured, determined, creative work and “thinking outside the box” and “networking”. The desire for challenges and the pursuit of innovative approaches to solutions make her the perfect employee for our managing director.

Toni Harms



Our go-getting, esteemed and visionary specialist brings years of camping industry experience, valuable networks and practicality to our team. Seriousness, credibility, reliability, creativity and visionary approaches characterize his vita. We are proud to have Toni Harms, a true connoisseur of the scene, at our side. He is simply our perfect link in the continuous development of mein PLATZ.

Michael Stahl

Michael Stahl

Distribution GErmany

Our member of many years, Michael steel of the WoMo park Bocholt explained itself spontaneously ready to take over in personal union with Roman farmer, for the time being all selling activities. Michael carries the mein PLATZ DNA in himself, is experienced in sales activities, has free time capacities and is also a man with heart and soul in the matter of mein PLATZ. In addition, he also brings the necessary industry experience, insider knowledge and personal connection to the motorhome and camping.

Wouter Seijsener

DISTRIBUTION Netherlands, Northern Germany

Wouter from Ferienpark Teutoburger Wald, also a long-standing member, brings the typical mein PLATZ flair to our team and has in-depth insider knowledge, is well-connected, ambitious and innovative. Wouter comes from a Dutch family of camping entrepreneurs and has over 20 years of camping experience. He will strengthen our sales team and will be responsible for the Dutch market and the northern German region.

Marion Gründer

Distribution Germany

Our good mood lady and enthusiastic motorhome driver is no stranger to the scene. Marion is well connected among campers and brings years of trade fair and sales experience to the team. Diligence, tenacity and empathy characterize our new team members. Marion will not only score points in customer care but also in sales with her charm.

Klaus Gründer

Klaus GRünder

Distribution Germany

A sales professional for motorhomes now brings all his experience, maturity and contacts to the mein PLATZ team. The passionate motorhome enthusiast not only knows many pitches and campsites – he knows exactly what is important when it comes to camping tourism and has the right instinct for our customers. Klaus is therefore exactly the right person for our newly formed mein PLATZ team.

Petra Aust

Distribution Germany

The “whirlwind” from the Eifel region runs a pitch himself and lives almost exclusively in his motorhome. With her likeable, determined manner, she quickly casts a spell over everyone. Petra impresses with her knowledge of human nature, negotiating skills and absolute team spirit. That’s why she is the perfect addition to my PLATZ’s sales and distribution team. Experienced in trade fairs, articulate and determined, she will also become the typical mein PLATZ trade fair face in the future.

Rainer Aust

Rainer Aust

Distribution Germany

Rainer is the “calming influence” in the Aust team, is always in a good mood and is the kind of sales professional you could wish for. He combines many years of experience in the industry, trade fairs and sales with a refreshingly positive attitude to life, competent expertise and thoughtful action. A scene insider with real stable smell and strong team spirit. All of this fits perfectly with our innovative and forward-looking spirit.

Gesina und Peter Meurs


Distribution, support

Charming, eloquent, multilingual and multitasking, Gesina and Peter, as their own pitch operators, love dealing with their customers. They are at home in the world of motorhome enthusiasts as well as industry companies. Serious business, paired with Dutch joie de vivre, ease of soul and outstanding host qualities, the two form an ideal combination and contact point for all my PLATZ fans and customers in NL.



Our power woman from Ljubljana runs a large caravaning center in the Slovenian capital, lives the motorhome theme with absolute devotion and is best networked in the industry. European fundamental thinking, coupled with irresistible persuasiveness, makes the visionary for my PLATZ the perfect partner when it comes to successful future projects.




Wolfgang has helped shape and design my PLATZ for over 10 years. With his inimitable manner, he managed to inspire and win over partners, customers, guests and spectators within a very short time. Wolfgang was torn from our midst far too early. He leaves a gap that no one can fill in terms of uniqueness, diversity and creativity.

For us he lives on in our hearts and will always remain “my PLATZ Wolli“.

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