Guided camping tours

Do you love traveling in the company of like-minded people?
Are you a beginner in caravanning?
There are travel destinations where you appreciate experienced travel experts and guides on site?

There are many reasons why you can join organized camping tours. Let yourself be inspired by the offers presented here!

Kuga tours

KUGA TOURS organize and accompany round trips to get to know fascinating cultural monuments, unique landscapes and delights from the kitchen and cellar. You can experience a lot of new and beautiful things comfortably without long preparation, together with like-minded people. Everyone can arrange the day for themselves (no convoy!), But they are still not alone. A German-speaking tour guide accompanies each tour. A local tour guide in German will also guide you through selected cities or cultural monuments.

When it comes to accommodation, KUGA TOURS attaches great importance to the greatest possible comfort and safety along the travel routes of the respective travel destination: D he best possible campsites and sometimes wineries, restaurant or hotel parking spaces.

The guide to luck

As managing director of the tourism marketing organization FERIENSTRASSEN.INFO In recent years I have created the GRAND TOUR of the modern age – inspired by the educational trips of young aristocrats, which have been mandatory since the Renaissance, and later also those of the upper class, which have gone down in history as the GRAND TOUR. Now I follow the routes of the tourist road network and discover all the tourist highlights along the routes and unique hosts. With this travel offer, I invite you to join me on my tour.

Have you always wanted to experience the limitless freedom of a caravanning trip in a motorhome? Or are you considering buying a motorhome – but you don’t yet know whether you like this type of travel? Don’t you want to go on a trip alone and accompany me on a unique, very special trip on my GRAND TOUR?

I would be very happy to show you all the beautiful places and highlights and to delight you with adventurous activities (sightseeing, cycling, hiking, etc.) that I have seen and experienced on my GRAND TOUR to date. The enjoyment of all the regional / local delicacies (food, drinks, wines) will not be neglected. Because I would like to prepare enjoyable, entertaining, entertaining and happy days for you.

And if you want, I can tell you about my very personal “journey to happiness” and share my knowledge and experience on the subject of “How does it work, happiness!”

I. I’m looking forward to the journey with you. 

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