Sweden - Route 4 - Middle East Sweden Stockholm

Eastern southern Sweden awaits, with distinctive landscapes around Lake Vättern, Europe's largest inland lake, and the stunning archipelagos of Stockholm.

The route starts at the Hökensås-Tidaholm campsite. The campsite is beautifully located in the middle of a national park, right on the beach of Lake Vättern. The area is very popular with anglers. Fishing and preparing trout and rainbow trout by yourself, a nice experience.

The next day we follow the road north along Lake Vättern towards Karlsborg and visit the Karlsborg Fortress and the Göta Canal. We continue towards Askersund and Örebro, where a visit to Örebro Castle is an absolute must and highlight. We spend the night at First Camp Ånnaboda-Örebro and enjoy the nature, the beautiful view and the small lake.

The next day we continue towards Arboga and Västerås. Before Västerås we visit Tidö Castle. Västerås itself must also be explored and staying overnight at First Camp Västerås-Mälaren is an obvious choice. From here we continue towards Stockholm and stop at Bredängs Camping or First Camp City-Stockholm.
By public transport or cab we start to Stockholm city center and visit among other things, the castle, and the Vasa Museum. In the old town we can find many restaurants, and the nightlife in Stockholm must also be experienced and enjoyed. When we are done with our visit to Stockholm, we will continue towards Nyköping and Kolmården Wildlife Park.

Overnight stay at First Camp Kolmården-Norrköping. We continue in the direction of Norrköping. We visit Norrköping and continue towards Linköping. Here we visit the Air Force Museum and the locks of Bergs on the Göta Canal. Overnight stay at First Camp Glyttinge-Linköping. The next day we continue towards Jönköping , stopping on the way in Gränna to taste the candy canes known throughout Sweden. After the sugary refreshment we continue towards Jönköping, where we follow the western shore of Lake Vättern to the camping site Hökensås-Tidaholm. This is also where our suggested route ends.

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First Camp Hökensås-Tidaholm


First Camp Hökensas – Tidaholm
First Camp Annaboda – Örebro


First Camp Annaboda – Örebro
First Camp Vaesteras-Maelaren


First Camp Västeras – Mälaren
Bredäng Camping Stockholm


Bredäng Camping Stockholm
First Camp City-Stockholm


First Camp City – Stockholm
First Camp Kolmården-Norrköping


First Camp Kolmarden – Norrköping
First Camp Glyttinge-Linköping


First Camp Glyttinge – Linköping

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