Holiday Park

Holiday Park is an amusement park in Haßloch (Rhineland-Palatinate), which exists since 1971.
The first free fall tower ("Free Fall Tower") and the first Rapid River Ride ("Thunder River") in Germany were built in the park. Since 2001, the park's best-known attraction has probably been the roller coaster "Expedition GeForce", mainly due to the national media echo. With the sale of the amusement park to the Belgian group of companies Studio 100, the Holiday Park was redesigned into a theme park with individual, interconnected themed areas Under the title "Majaland", a new park area with eleven attractions was thus created by summer 2012 on the site of the original entrance and exit. In the course of this, a new entrance and exit area was built on the former site of the "Dancing Pavilion" and the "Balloon Race". As of 2016, the renovation of the parking lot was completed. The original park mascot was Holly the parrot. The purchase of the Holiday Park from Studio 100 introduced the mascots Maya the Bee, Vicky the Viking, Heidi, Mia and Tabaluga, as well as their friends.
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