April news

Spring is here and all fans of mobile travel have long since made all the arrangements for the first, longer trips. Now everyone is actually just hoping for good weather, because campers spread a good mood anyway everywhere and at any time of year.

To increase your mood or desire to travel even more, we would also like to contribute our part with great innovations:

we have optimized our digital place presentations and integrated a new event calendar – this will go online in the next days

connected with this, from easter on, all events from the place and the region will be displayed directly on the place page.

in addition, an interactive map is now installed on each square page so that you can get a quicker idea of the location of the square

on top more pictures are added to visualize the square and its surroundings

Feel free to take a look at our homepage in the coming days and feel free to give us your feedback.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again refer to our catalog:

Compact, clear, informative and entertaining, we present here on more than 240 pages our member places from 12 nations together with additional information.

Discover the Netherlands – new route online:

In line with the digital innovations, our newly created mein PLATZ motorhome route through the Netherlands is now online on our homepage.

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