Verden Cathedral Harrier

A city stands on its head.

The origin of the Domweih, the “fifth season” in Verden, goes back to the Middle Ages. In 985, the then bishop received, among other privileges, the right to hold markets. Formerly a free market where out-of-town vendors could also sell their wares, the Verden Domweih is now a large folk festival with a parade, rides and food stands – a six-day festival for the whole family.

Nienburg target shooting

t this traditional festival, the Nienburg king of discs is determined among the citizens’ guards.

During the festivities, the potato dinner is also held and the highlight is the big march out on Monday.

Already at the end of the 13th century was the origin of this traditional festival. Every year, citizens’ guards and marksmen’s guilds met in the cities of Germany to hold a practice shooting at parrots or birds. At the end of the 16th century, these practice shootings were proclaimed popular festivals.

A letter from 1654 shows that parrot shooting became “target shooting” and the Monday after St. John’s Day was always fixed as the date. Even today, a silver parrot hangs from the “king’s chain” of the Nienburg king of discs as the most valuable piece from 1581.

Program schedule:

  • Friday at 5 p.m. – Festival kick-off with the local districts
  • Saturday at 5 p.m. – devotion, parade through the old town and taps at 11 p.m.
  • Sunday at 2 p.m. – children’s fun/family day at the disc square
  • Monday at 8 a.m. – target shooting Monday (marching out)
  • Wednesday – Public awarding of prizes in front of the town hall followed by a jacket potato dinner in the old town

Nienburg asparagus run

An everyman run through the old town of Nienburg

A race for beginners and “pros” on a flat 2.5 km circuit through the historic old town of Nienburg, through the shady green belt around the town center and along the Weser River. This route is officially surveyed. You can run five or 10 kilometers depending on your desire and condition. There is a 1 km track for schoolchildren. The timing is done by means of an electronic chip.

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