Sweden in late summer

There is something magical and unique about Swedish nature. Ideal for motorhome enthusiasts to be enchanted and captivated! The aurora borealis in winter, the midnight sun in summer or the magnificence and generosity of nature par excellence inspire everyone.

Rocky coasts and white sandy beaches, deep green forests and pastures full of wild flowers: Sweden convinces with a fabulous diversity and calming, impressive “atmosphere”.
It is also important not to forget the Swedish traditions. After all, progressive and modern Sweden is crazy about centuries-old traditions and celebrations. Midsummer, where they celebrate the longest day of the year, is a big holiday, almost as big as Christmas. They also celebrate Easter and a crab feast and a variety of “unholy” days, including Cinnamon Bun Day, Waffle Day and practically an entire season dedicated to a sticky almond paste and a cream bun.

Sweden is one of the largest and most sparsely populated countries in Europe. Swedish Lapland is one of the last wildernesses in our latitudes, and off Sweden’s wild coast lie tens of thousands of islands. Thanks to a network of national parks, hiking trails, camping and motorhome sites along with good, natural infrastructure, even the most remote part of the country is accessible to “mobilists”. You just have to “experience” it individually and with your own eyes.

In keeping with my PLATZ’s series of events and exhibitions, we invite you to experience Sweden in late summer. Follow our route suggestions or just follow us to Jönköping to the biggest camping fair in Scandinavia and the unique, Munich Oktoberfest at the biggest lake in Europe.

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