Graduation house

The graduation plant is a device used in the process of salt extraction from brine to increase the salt concentration ("grading") and to improve the quality of the extracted salt.
Shopping Feasting Walking Theme gardens On a discovery tour Swimming Graduation house The new graduation house The demonstration walk with inhalation chamber Guided tours of the graduation house The wind art Even more games and sports Banks & savings banks Graduation house Bad Rothenfelde without graduation houses would be like Paris without the Eiffel Tower. Unimaginable! Yet their original benefits had nothing whatsoever to do with health. As part of the salt works operation, they were only intended to help salt production become more efficient. Saline? Graduation house? What's the difference? Saltworks produce salt. In Brittany, for example, with the help of the salt marshes. In Bad Reichenhall, the brine from the mine in Berchtesgaden arrives at the saltworks. And in Bad Rothenfelde, brine with 5% salt content bubbles up from the springs. For the first time in 1724, when the Old Spring was drilled only for the purpose of salt production. 5% is quite a lot if you drink a sip of it or get it in your eyes while bathing. That is little when 95% of it is boiled down as water to get the precious "white gold". So these huge evaporation plants were interposed. Now the brine trickled down the blackthorn, depositing the fine iron, gypsum and lime particles around the branches and the salinity condensed to 25%. Thus, the optimum saturation was reached before the boiling process. In 1777 the Old Gradierwerk and in 1824 the New Gradierwerk were put into operation. Under it, the spa park has a system of pipes that resembles a metro. This was because the two graduation towers and the now demolished Salinenhof were connected underground. You can be reassured; neither in the swimming pools nor at the brine active bar do we impose this high-percentage water on you.
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