Fischhausen castle

Fischhausen Castle is a castle on the national road 810 from Hooksiel to Horumersiel in the municipality of Wangerland in the district of Friesland
The beginnings of the castle can be traced to a hereditary division of the chieftain's dynasty residing at Oldeborg in Wüppels; Fischhausen Castle then became the seat of a chieftain's dynasty named after it. The first castle was built around 1400 by Matthias von Fischhausen. This plant apparently still stood in 1614 was reported from a stone house and a tower, which served only as a storehouse. They are probably located in the eastern part of the complex, separated by a moat. Chief Ricklef von Vischhusen, who took over the government of Jeverland for the minor daughters of Edo Wiemken the Younger in 1511, built a new castle, later called "the old stone house", on the site of the former outer castle. His feudal successor Boing von Waddewarden expanded the complex considerably. He was an important chieftain in Jeverland. In 1578, his grandson, also named Boing, built the two-story residential castle with an octagonal stair tower in its current form at the right angle of the "old stone house". In 1689 Lüdeke von Weltzien bought the castle and had the part of the "old stone house" protruding from the escape demolished. It was also shortened to two stories. In 1773 the castle was sold into bourgeois hands and from then on served only as a farm. The castle is surrounded by a double ditch system of max. 180 × 160 m size surrounded. The trenches are about 12 m wide. On the inside, there is still a wall about 1.50 m high. On the north and west sides, the trench is partially filled with construction debris. Above the two entrance doors there are beautiful sandstone portals. The year 1578 can be seen on the tower door with the Fischhaus coat of arms. Once 14 marshes belonged to the estate of Fischhausen. Today Fischhausen Castle is privately owned (Schiersch family) and not open to the public.
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