East Frisian Tea Museum

The East Frisian Tea Museum Norden is a museum in the East Frisian town of Norden. It is located in the old town hall of the city and is a member of the Museum Association of East Frisia.
Starting from the East Frisian tea culture, the museum develops insights into tea cultivation in various Asian countries and tea cultures worldwide, such as those of China, Japan, India, England or even Russia. The museum explains the East Frisian tea culture, shows the typical East Frisian tea accessories, such as the widespread porcelain with the open or closed East Frisian rose, as well as the Dresmer Blue decor, introduces the origin of the Genuine East Frisian Blend and explains the breeding, cultivation, harvesting and further processing of the tea, as well as its worldwide trade. Chinese commissioned porcelain is on display, as well as ceramics from sunken ships or porcelains from the most prestigious German manufactories such as the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin, Meissener Porzellan or Fürstenberg. The museum's collection of lithophanies and teapots is also worth seeing. In the city history departments it is possible to walk through about 5000 years of history of North. Here, among other things, Norder silver, regional crafts around the tea table or the history of the company Doornkaat is shown.
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