Art house Hooksiel

The Künstlerhaus Hooksiel in Hooksiel is an institution of the municipality of Wangerland in the district of Friesland for the promotion of visual artists.
The Künstlerhaus Hooksiel exists since 1986 and invites artists to work, exhibit and live there. There is a diverse annual artistic program that offers exhibitions as well as lectures, master classes, excursions, workshops and workshop discussions. The activity of the institution is accompanied with strong interest by the citizens of the municipality of Wangerland. The Künstlerhaus has made a name for itself far beyond the regional area. In 2011, the Künstlerhaus had to be limited in space for financial reasons. The house with the onion tower had to be largely ceded to the Mussel Museum, so that only the archive and the printing workshop of the Künstlerhaus are now housed there. The exhibition room and the apartment for scholarship holders are located in the former fire station as before.
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