Of the fairy-tale brothers, half-timbered charm and volcanic stone

German Fairy Tale Route - Route 1
This historic German vacation route, which runs from Hanau to Alsfeld, links numerous towns and villages along a fairytale route. It offers travelers the opportunity to wander along the paths of the Brothers Grimm through the world of German fairy tales, sagas and legends, a journey full of magic and history.

At a glance

The "German Fairy Tale Route" makes it possible to experience:
  • to walk in the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales, sagas and legends from the Main to the sea
  • to enjoy the magical and varied landscape by car, ship, bike or on a hike
  • to explore historical half-timbered towns, wonderful palaces and fortresses full of history and fairytale stories or to experience the flair of the big cities with culture and shopping.

Photographers Gallery: Paavo Blafield, Hendrik Nix, Roland Adrian, Hans Kothe

This is what awaits you on this route:

Photographers Gallery: Paavo Blafield, Hendrik Nix, Roland Adrian, Hans Kothe

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Steinau an der Straße

Motorhome parking space “Am Steines”


Motorhome parking space in the alders


Motorhome parking space at the spa park


Motorhome parking space at the VulkanTherme Herbstein



A volcano full of pleasure, in the middle of the Vogelsberg Volcano Region Nature Park.


Brüder Grimm Haus Steinau – Museum on the life, work and impact of the Brothers Grimm


Brothers Grimm National Monument – Starting Point of the German Fairy Tale Route


European Model Town in the World of Fairy Tales – The Gateway to Little Red Riding Hood Land


Hesse’s highest healing spring at the gates of the city – volcanic, steeped in history, fabulous

Fairy tale hikes

It was a little more than 200 years ago that Jacob Grimm made this foot journey in search of legends that had been passed down. Pack the bundle and follow its tracks. Explore legendary cultural landscapes to the left and right of the German Fairy Tale Road on foot – would that be something for you?

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2022_mein_platz_routen_maerchenstrasse_Lahntal_Brungershausen Wichtelhäuser_2

How does Little Red Riding Hood get on a bicycle?

A good 200 years ago, the brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm published the first fairy tales. At the same time, the inventor Karl Drais introduced the running wheel as the forerunner of the bicycle. What did not come together then is now being realized.

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Here you can find the other routes of the German Fairy Tale Route:

Schloß Waldeck_Edersee_(C)_Paavo Blafield

Route 2

From fabulous forests, castles and lake scenery
Hoexter_Dechanei_(C) Thomas Hampel

Route 3

River Romanticism, Weser Renaissance and Hanseatic Flair

At a glance

Starting point | Destination:

Hanau ➝ Alsfeld


ca. 130 km

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