On the road between Rothenburg o.d. Tauber and Nuremberg

9 castles - 164 kilometers
The third tour describes two loops on its way to Nuremberg: First, the arc goes via Ansbach to near the Franconian Lake District, then changes direction and leads via Cadolzburg to the destination.

This is what awaits you on this route:

  • Romantic Franconia
  • Franconian Lake District
  • Sausages

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The starting point of this tour is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The harmonious unity of its medieval townscape with the landscape of the Tauber valley made the world-famous town the "picturesque" town par excellence and a popular tourist destination early on.

The "reception room of Bavaria" is characterized by a fascinating mixture of a sense of tradition, creativity and hospitality, by captivating history in authentic places and magnificent works of art in churches and museums. Traditional events such as the Reichsstadt-Festtage, the historical festival play "Der Meistertrunk", the historical shepherd's dance, the Hans-Sachs plays, the Christmas Reiterlesmarkt and the summer Toppler Theater delight visitors every year.

Up to the area around Rothenburg o.d.T., vineyards are once again part of the landscape. This is where the Tauber Valley wine grows, cultivated and vinified with heart and soul for more than a millennium. After that, it now becomes more Franconian from place to place. Beer replaces wine as the beverage of choice and the typical bratwurst appears more and more often on the menu.

If you look at the history of the next castle road stations, you can feel the proximity of Nuremberg and its prominent role in the Middle Ages. The castles in Colmberg, Lichtenau, Abenberg and Cadolzburg were all owned by and outposts of the Nuremberg burgraves at that time. Today, Colmberg Castle and Abenberg Castle are sought-after addresses for castle romance and delicacies from the kitchen and cellar. Cadolzburg Castle not far from Nuremberg is known for its unique adventure museum, which offers an impressive encounter with the Middle Ages under the motto "HerrschaftsZeiten".

The castles on this Castle Road tour are a different story: In Ansbach, the cityscape with the Margravial Residence and Baroque and Rococo facades still reflects the rule of the margraves today. This charming setting is home to an inviting mix of dining options and specialty stores. The orangery is the architectural center of the courtyard garden. Here it is worthwhile to take a break in the restaurant or on the terrace, with Franconian specialties or homemade cakes and pies.

Wolframs-Eschenbach, which lies nestled within its completely preserved city walls, is also known as the town of the Teutonic Order and the Minnesänger. The heart of the town beats in the inn "Alte Vogtei" right next to the town hall.
In Roth, the Ratibor hunting lodge is both the center and the flagship of the former margraviate town. During the summer months, its idyllic courtyard is the setting for the Rother Schlosshofspiele.

Faber-Castell Castle in Stein, built at the beginning of the 20th century, is by far the youngest in the series. It documents both the historical origins of the count's family and their important social role as entrepreneurs.

Finally, it's back to the Middle Ages when the Kaiserburg in Nuremberg is the crowning glory of this tour. A stroll through the old town reveals the entire spectrum of this metropolis of half a million people: historic buildings in harmony with modern architecture, a diverse museum landscape, shopping miles with unusual stores and tasting offers for the famous finger-length bratwursts at every turn.

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Along the Burgenstraße there are RV parks of various equipment – from simple pitches to RV parks. The location also varies. Places directly on the river can be found as well as places in the old town or by the lake.

RV parks P2 and P3 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber | RV park Rothenburg | Mohrenhof Franken Geslau | RV park Ansbach | RV park “Münsterblick” Wolframs-Eschenbach | RV park at the bathing pond Abenberg | RV park “Obere Mühle” Roth | Camping Waldsee Roth-Wallesau | Camper site “Am Höhbuck” Cadolzburg | KNAUS Camping Park Nuremberg | Camper sites in Nuremberg – at Dutzendteich on the north shore of Wöhrder See | Volkspark Marienberg



Motorhome parking Falkenstraße

Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Pitch Wiesenglück


Moselle campsite Alf
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Motorhome site “Gateway to the city of Erfurt


Moselle pitch Pünderich


Moselle campsite Rissbach/Traben-Trarbach


Landgoed Meistershof


Moselle pitch Traben-Trarbach


Waelzer Camp


Camper park Kostverloren


Camping and parking space Walldorf Astoria


Cable Island Magdeburg

Kirch Jesar

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STRANDparX cable island – new from May 2022

Moravske Toplice

Camping Terme 3000
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RV park at the Rainbrünnlein


Mobile Home Park Kenzingen

Neukirchen / Knüll

Motorhome park Urbachtal


Motorhome site “Zum Schloss Rosenau


Motorhome park “Am Meerbach


Camping Officiel Echternach
First Camp Hasmark Strand - Fyn


First Camp Hasmark Strand – Fyn


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Eberstedt oil mill

On Tour 3 along the Castle Road, numerous castles and palaces as well as other sights line the route. We briefly introduce some of them here:

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164 Kilometer

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Die Burgenstraße e.V.
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