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The mein PlATZ route planner with desktop and mobile phone function

Experience and follow our suggested routes and regions, make your own, individual travel, route and tour planning or start your search for beautiful places in the vicinity.

Simple, goal-oriented, groundbreaking and, with Car Play, can even be used as a navigation system in a motorhome. Use and test the diverse functions of our new digital offer. Just enter the desired start and destination or add several stage destinations and our route planner will show you the entire route, including all important POIs, including parking spaces and campsites along the route and also provides valuable information on highlights, sights, etc.
The best: You can now transfer your selected route directly to the vehicle via Car Play, regardless of whether it is planned at home on the desktop or on the go on the mobile phone or iPad.

Targeted, informative and entertaining travel, you can now with my PLATZ. Get on board with our routes and travel world with digital route planning and enjoy the true, pure camping pleasure right from the start.

Final note:
We will shortly be presenting two short explanatory films on desktop and mobile phone use!

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