my PLATZ catalog 2021 in a new “outfit”

The dispatch of our new catalog or magalog is delayed, due to corona, by approx. 2 weeks. We ask for your patience and forbearance. All orders that have already been received will of course remain valid and will be delivered immediately after we have received the goods.
Pre-orders are possible at any time, here on the page.

Our popular pitch and camping guide is presenting itself in a completely new “outfit” this year.
The appearance already gives an idea of what is hidden behind the cover. A parking space and camping guide in magazine or magalog form.

For you as a reader and user, this means comprehensive, authentic information and good entertainment as well as more service.
The usual detailed presentation of our membership places is based on our digital offers and is supplemented and enriched with many topics relating to mobile travel, such as overview maps, routes, tours, regions and international travel destinations.

On over 240 pages, the new my PLATZ magazine “Camperwelt” now offers you up-to-date, informative and entertaining travel literature with everything you need to know and will be happy to serve you as a constant companion and reference work on your travels. With 23 new places, nationally and internationally, we can announce a real growth record for this year. My PLATZ now offers you a representative and exclusive selection of seats, spread over 11 nations. All with the proverbial quality with heart, of course.

The new “work” will also be conveniently delivered directly to your home.

Pre-orders can be made online at any time from January 25th via our homepage. Here you will also find our shipping regulations, prices and payment methods.
Due to the corona and due to the fact that it is up to date, shipping is expected to start around February 11th.

Of course, our magazines are also available in good time at all of our member slots so that they are ready for you. Of course, if we all will hopefully be able to travel again soon.
In mid-February we will also inform you about our additional, further, new sales channels and sources of supply.

Look forward to a hopefully soon possible travel season with us and an innovative “parking space guide” in magazine form.

Your my PLATZ team

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