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The largest World Natural Heritage in Germany, which is listed on Unesco, stretches off the coast of the country. The mud flat in the North Sea with its fascinating landscape attracts numerous tourists every year to the coast. Even at the thought of it one feels the muddy ground, which is pressed under the feet smacking to the side. You can hear the gulls screaming when they circle over

your head and breathe deeply to inhale the good sea air.


Three campingsites in „Ostfriesland“ are members of mein PLATZ and offer good conditions to travel to the north-west of Germany. From the campsite in Südbrookmerland your journey goes over campsite Wiesmoor to Hooksiel to reach the first World Heritage of the tour.
The famous campsite „Kuhhirten in Bremen“ is a stopover for the next world heritage.
The town hall in the old town and the proudly standing statue of Roland are under the protection of UNESCO since 2004 onwards.

Highway 1 connects the Hansestadt with the other Hansestadt.
Since 2015, Hamburg has also been able to look forward to the award of the World Cultural Heritage Award. The „Speicherstadt“, the „Kontorhausviertel“ and the „Chilehaus“ are on this list. Regardless of this, the Speicherstadt is also worth a visit because of the miniature wonderland that is accommodated there: all of Germany in the miniature format and who looks closely will probably find some motorhomes on the small streets.
At the Frisian Museum in Niebüll the journey ends by the World Heritage landscape of northern Germany.
The campsite at the „Erlebnisbad in Leck“ is an ideal place to stay and is also the northernmost in the mein PLATZ family.