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... and the red wooden horses

Almost every Swede is a proud owner of a horse. It does not matter whether the Swede lives in a big city like Stockholm or Gothenburg or in his little „stuga“ in the countryside. The horse is always in the middle of it, it is made of wood and shines down from the fireplace. And many who travel with a motorhome through Sweden have one of these small horses attached to their dashboard at the end of the tour.

schwedenSweden is very easy to travel with the camper. Although on the way the Baltic Sea is in the way, but the ferries from Travemünde, Rostock and Sassnitz is easy to overcome. And if you're not sea-loving, you can take the two big bridges over Denmark and finally get to Malmö. The golden middle way between these arrivals is finally the flight line from Fehmarn and through Denmark up to the southwest coast of Sweden.

Along the entire west coast you can also travel very easy on the E6 with the thick ship. It connects the southern province of Skåne with the border with Norway. However, you should not just make miles but rather enjoy the sights along the road. In Malmö, for example, the view of „Turning Torso“ is worthwhile. The turned in itself high-rise building has been designed by star architect Santiago Calatrava.


Further to the north you pass Halmstadt, the city where the famous pop duo Roxette was founded. The coast is still characterized by numerous sandy beaches. If these are separated from the famous archipelago, one should make a short detour to the Varberg Radio Station. This technical highlight is just one of more than a dozen World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites of UNESCO in Sweden. In Åsa you can reach one of the Swedish camps in the „Stora Badviksvägen“, which is a member of mein Platz. With direct access to the sea, it is a good starting point for a day trip to Gothenburg, which is only 40 km away.

schweden2In the midland of the country the two great lakes „Vänern“ and „Vättern“ are good starting points, especially „Vänern“ is a great idea for visiting „Trollhättan“. In the city, where Saab once built cars, you nowaday visit the artificial waterfalls at certain times and at the gates of the city you can explore the „Hallenberg“. There you may be the lucky one meeting an elk in the wilderness on the near road through the forest. Much smaller than the lake „Vänern“ and much further north is the lake „Siljan“ near „Mora“. Here, where the landscape of dense forests is determined, one can visit the workshop of the little red wodden horses, the so-called „Dalahäst “, in a small village called Nusnäs. From the wooden block to the painted horse the craftsmanship is demonstrated and no one leaves the workshop without loving to buy a souvenir in the shop.

schweden3After a lot of nature and wide streets you should also pay a visit to the capital. To describe Stockholm, which was built on several archipelagos, would break the boundaries here. Already alone for Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, one should at least plan a two days stay.

Crossing the E4, you are approaching South-West again and crossing Småland. However, one should definitely stop at the lake Vätternsee in Gränna, where there are several candy cane bakeries and peep into in the production.

At the end of the trip you did not only get to know a great country, enjoyed a wonderful nature, did a lot of hiking and discovered elks, but - as promised at the beginning - expanded your dashboard with a „Dalahäst“, you bet?


Michael Moll is a travel journalist and has published 60 travel guides for motorhome travelers, hikers and other travelers in well-known publishing companies.
The description of Sweden is a short summary of his book "The most beautiful routes through southern Sweden" from the publishing company „Reise Know How“.


He is also the operator of the campsite in Nordkirchen. There, as well as in other places in Germany, he also holds entertaining multimedia presentations with impressive pictures.
More about him and his travels can also be found at www.dieweltenbummler.de